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through an annual plan normally valued at $1176 for only $499 via this Limited Time Offer.

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Why Lite Social?

Get an annual plan valued at

$1,176 for $499 only!

Regularly posting relevant content on your social media profiles can really be time-consumingeven the simple task of curating content can be a hassle. This is where Lite Social can rescue you.

We know that, as professionals (e.g. dentists, doctors, real estate agents, brokers), time is of great value to you. This is why we created Lite Social as an easy-to-use, efficient, and intuitive platforma great tool that removes the stress from your social media management chores. Lite Social allows you to have instant access to relevant and engaging content expertly curated by our social media experts. All you need to do is login to your account, review the drafts, click share, and measure your posts’ performance through the analytics provided. All this for only a few minutes per week and for less than $2 a day!

Four Steps to Stress-free Social Media Management

Dedicate five minutes a week to login and check your Lite Social account. Connect any platform without sharing your credentials.

Go over curated content prepared by our team. Discuss with our specialists the kind of posts you want posted and shared to your audience.

Satisfied with the drafts? Then schedule the posting to when you’d like these posts to appear on your social media profiles.

Use social data to monitor how your audience is interacting with your posts. Download reports in both image or PDF format.





Save both your time and money by having a social media expert curate your content. For as low as $2 a day, you are assured that there’s someone looking after your profiles, keeping them active by curating engaging content, and monitoring them always so issues will be dealt with as fast as possible.

Worried about getting hacked? Don’t worry about that. Just login to your Lite Social account and connect the necessary social media profiles. No need to share any login details. Your settings are kept safe and private and posts will not be shared without your approval.

Low Cost


Get an annual plan valued at

$1,176 for $499 only!

Dedicated Social Media Support

What you’ll get:

Dedicated Curated Content to 1 Facebook Business Page

Daily Curated Content to 1 Twitter Account 

Daily Curated Content to 1 LinkedIn Company Page 

Email Support 

Choice to Approve Posts Prior to Publishing

Access to each platform’s real-time social data in one page. From Facebook and LinkedIn to YouTube and Google Analytics—it’s all there! Generate branded reports or download raw social media analytics to CSV or HTML using the Manage Reports feature.

One powerful dashboard for all your social media profiles. Enjoy hassle-free management by having all messages, notifications, and even reports in just one place. This smart system delivers fresh and relevant content that can be shared, added to an existing queue, or saved for later with just a few clicks. Approving your queued posts is just as easy.



Let's Hear It From Our Clients

I found Lite Social to be an enormous help in boosting my online presence without spending the hours needed to find articles. Having potential articles presented to me each day where [I] can add comments to and post to a variety of my social media platforms was of enormous benefit in enhancing my business profile.

Michael McGowan

Owner Manager, Mortgage Choice

Since signing up to Lite Social, my social media activity has increased by over 200% and has expanded my professional profile to broader networks and generated new connections.

 I used to spend hours of my time preparing social articles for my networks but now in only two clicks, the Lite Social solution generates articles that enhance my professional profile and has become a game changer for my professional social media.

Lite Social is easy to use, saves time and it does make a difference.

Stephen Okkonen

Director, Vanzwan General Insurance Plus

The insertion of the articles in LinkedIn and Twitter [on my Lite Social campaigns] was a breeze. Very easy!

Christian Muzard

Business Mentor, The SME Think Tank

Get an annual plan valued at

$1,176 for $499 only!

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